Cyber Incident Response Service

Victim of a cyber attack?

We're here to help. Our team of cyber incident response experts is always ready to help your organization fight back against hackers. Whether it's a hack followed by a ransomware demand, a malware infection or a data leak, we're your cyber incident response team ready to restore your system.

Cyber Incident Management - 24/7 Service

Our security experts have the experience and expertise to deal with any incident.

  • Containment of the incident to prevent its spread
  • Possible negotiation with hackers
  • In-depth investigation and reconstruction of the attack
  • Incident eradication
  • Incident recovery
  • Forensic analysis and collection of evidence when required
  • Detailed incident report
  • Implementation of StreamShield solution to monitor network for three months following the attack

StreamSwat: Incident Response Retainer

When disaster strikes, it's best to be prepared.

An Incident Response Retainer (IRR) contract offers organizations peace of mind, with expert support before and after a cybersecurity incident. With such a contract, organizations can prepare for cyber threats and react quickly in the event of data exfiltration or attack by hackers.

With our StreamSwat Incident Response Retainer, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • 24/7 priority access to incident response experts.
  • Reduced recovery times thanks to pre-established communication channels and pre-defined intervention plans.
  • The ability to better manage costs thanks to preferential pricing and predictable budgets.
  • Eliminate technology integration and implementation requirements.
  • The ability to mitigate risks further down the line by following cybersecurity best practices.

You can count on StreamScan

Incident handling

by StreamScan within 30 minutes, with on-site intervention possible within 4 hours.

A team of experts,

competent and bilingual, for rapid, comprehensive intervention.

Rapid installation

of state-of-the-art CDS technology for complete visibility and in-depth network analysis.

Border Streamscan

What our customers say

StreamScan Textimonials
  • “After we got hacked, we needed upgraded cybersecurity and found StreamScan. They’ve been monitoring our network ever since - detecting over 23k security events monthly and intervening on 10%+ of those cases. The result has been zero incidents since we started with StreamScan.”

    Pierre Forest, IT Director


  • "StreamScan are the Cyber Security Pros. Their expertise, service, and responsiveness are helping us keep our network secure."

    Christian Raymond, IT Manager


  • "We were experiencing severe degradation of network performance, so much so, it was preventing employees from working. We suspected a cyber-attack and reached out to StreamScan. Within two hours their incident response team was on site. They discovered we weren’t under attack but instead had patch problems on a device in the network. Their help got us back up and running in minimum time."

    Benoit Renaud, Head of Cybersecurity


  • “As an MDR customer of StreamScan, we have also chosen to adopt their EDR solution, a decision motivated by its seamless integration with their network monitoring service and their CDS intrusion detection technology. As a result, our network and endpoint monitoring are both managed by the same local, bilingual team. Centralizing the monitoring of our network and EDRs represents a significant advantage, both financially and in terms of protection efficiency. It gives them a 360-degree view of our network and endpoints. What's more, the effectiveness of their EDR solution is remarkable. What particularly sets this team apart is their speed of response, their professionalism and their in-depth expertise in the field of IT security. Their commitment to protecting our infrastructure is undeniable, and we are extremely satisfied with their ongoing collaboration.”

    Eric Lambert, Manager of IT infrastructure and procurement

    GMP Energy

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